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Download The Sims 1 Full Version

Maxis' The Sims is about creating, managing, and controlling the lives of tiny computerized people who dwell in miniature homes. The game's excellent music and sound effects, detailed scenery, cleverly animated characters, and equally clever writing go a long way toward fulfilling this intriguing premise. Yet though you can exercise a considerable amount of control over your sims' behavior and lifestyles, The Sims' actual gameplay is rather limited in some respects - either by odd inconsistencies or by actual restrictions placed on your actions. But to the game's credit, the most objectionable thing about these occasional limits is how starkly they contrast with the otherwise tremendous freedom you have to lead your sims' lives.

Spesifikasi Komputer Yang Dibutuhkan
Processor : P3 700 Mhz
RAM : 512 MB
VGA : 64 MB
Free Harddisk : 600 MB
OS : XP/7
Directx 9c

*Selanjutnya : The Sims Livin’ Large (dalam proses, tunggu posting berikutnya ^_^)
Ini adalah versi pertama The Sims 1 (bukan expansion pack), jika anda ingin memainkan The Sims Expansion Pack (selanjutnya akan admin posting) anda harus mempunyai The Sims ini dulu.

Game Size : 417 MB
Password RAR : ramadhaniricky.blogspot.com
Download semua part, letakkan dalam satu folder, usahakan nama file yang sudah didownloadnya sama, jika berbeda "Rename" saja, misalnya part 1 menjadi ABC.part1.rar dan part 2 menjadi ABC.part2.rar ... dan seterusnya (hanya beda dipartnya saja), kemudian extract part 1 otomatis part lain juga terextract.
Cara Mendownload : klik disini

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