Senin, 28 Januari 2013

Download Roadrash 1996 PC Full Version

Are you ready for illegal aggression on two wheels? Extreme arcade racing has never been so rough as you'll have to kick, beat, punch, and maul your opponents with chains, clubs, sticks, and other brutal weaponry. Pick your racer (the gamut runs from punks to jocks), and then head off to Der Panzer Klub where you can talk to fellow riders, sign up for a race, or purchase a new ride. Obstacles abound, as you have to watch out for angry gangs, inferior equipment, and worst of all the cops!

Spesifikasi Komputer Yang Dibutuhkan
Processor : P2 300 Mhz
RAM : 128 MB
VGA : 16 MB
Free Harddisk : 20 MB
OS : 95/98/2000/XP/7/8 
(Untuk XP, 7, 8 jalankan menggunakan 
Run Compatibility for Windows 95/98/2000/ME)

Game Size : 20 MB
Password RAR : ramadhaniricky.blogspot.com
Cara Mendownload : klik disini

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