Rabu, 19 Desember 2012

Download Haunt: The Real Slender Game Full Version

Haunt:TRSG is based on a popular Slender myth and Slender Game by Parsec Productions. What Haunt does? It proves that free, experimental game can be deeper, more exciting, of better quality and still keep its price... We mean beeing free :). Two words about Haunt. What will you find in our game? Everything you have already found in Slender games but in addition you will discoverour story about Slender, mysterious Green Park and abandoned Power Station Building. All of that hidden deep in your worst nightmare... on the edge of your sanity.

Spesifikasi Komputer Yang Dibutuhkan
Processor : P4 2.4 Ghz
RAM : 512 MB
VGA : 128 MB
OS : XP/Vista/7
Directx 9c

Game Size : 170 MB
Jika membutuhkan password, ini passwordnya : ramadhaniricky.blogspot.com
Download semua part, letakkan dalam satu folder, usahakan nama file yang sudah didownloadnya sama, jika berbeda "Rename" saja, misalnya part 1 menjadi ABC.part1.rar dan part 2 menjadi ABC.part2.rar ... dan seterusnya (hanya beda dipartnya saja), kemudian extract part 1 otomatis part lain juga terextract.
Cara Mendownload : klik disini

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